Mission                                                                                                                         BACK

  • To build up a positive communication channel between express industry and government as well as commercial community
  • To improve the image of our industry to the government
  • To enhance the effective and efficiency of our express industry with an aim to improve our living standard and job vacancy

In short term, we have provided some positive suggestion stated below to the government to improve a better environment to the express industry.

  • Set up an express center or express lane at different gateways, e.g. Jetfoil, Airport etc.
  • Improve the transit process in order to increase the business in cargo industry.
  • Postpone the office hours for customs clearance at the gateway of China territory in order to catch the cargo flight at night time
  • Improve the procedure of handling paperwork for customs release, e.g. EDI
  • Improve the communication with government in Macau & China
  • Improve the authority fairly for goods to China without any domestic transport agent against the unfair regulation


Expectation                                                                                                                 BACK

Macau located next to Hong Kong. Unfortunately, the airport usage is much less than Hong Kong. We have less than 70 million kg were sent through Macau Airport in 2001 while Hong Kong had over 2230 million kg being handled through her Airport. This is thirty-one times less than HK. If we can improve the current environment to attract more cargo for transit, Macau could be another important transit center for China. Moreover, we can build up our international image and increase job vacancy as the result.

Recently, some government department and commercial communities interviewed our association, e.g. Economy and Finance Dept, Customs, Transportation and Public Works etc

Last but not the least, we expect that we shall have more frequent communication with our government & related parties in order to improve the position & importance of express industry in Macau.